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About Backlink Checker

Take Advantage of this Free Backlink Checker Tool !!

This backlink checker tool is designed for anywho who wants to know the accurate number of backlink that has a positive influence on the website. This website uses reliable data sources to check and validate backlinks, discover the backlinks that are connected to your site or to your competitor's site from this userfriendly backlink checker tool. 

Use this tool to compare the number of your total backlinks that your site has, the diversity and authority of linking domains, the number of backlinks coming from.GOV and.EDU sites and look at their status as if they are do-follow or no-follow backlinks.

Use the proper method to develop backlink, rather than using blackhat methods, focus more on the proper strategy to build niche specific high authority backlinks. 

Before Building Backlinks, Focus More on Backlinks Risk Assessment

Conducting a backlinks audit to be able to recognize the ratio of low-quality backlinks will be a good starting place. A manual, extensive evaluation would only be easy for relatively small websites as it is a lot simpler to collect and analyze backlinks data - for bigger sites with a large number of backlinks, that might be pointless. The next process expands on Richard Baxter's solution on 'How to check on for poor links,' and I am hoping it creates it more complete.

Identify as much linking main domains as is feasible using various backlinks data options.

1.Workout the ratio of linking main domains that are deindexed

2.Check cultural metrics circulation (optional)

3.Check the ToolBar PageRank (TBPR) for any main linking domains and give consideration on the TBPR distribution

4.Repeat steps 2,3 and 4 regularly (e.g., every week, regular) and look for the next:

-A spike towards the reduced end of the TBPR distribution

-The increasing range of deindexed linking main domains over each week/monthly basis

-Unchanged amounts of social metrics, leftover in surprisingly low levels