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Domain IP Check - What IP has the domain?

Sometimes it is necessary to find out under which IP address a website is to be reached. Theoretically, the domain IP can determine with the Windows console (or the command line of your respective operating system) - but if the times are not at hand, our check helps.

Domain names, consisting of words that can be pronounced, really only help for people to remember their addresses on the Internet: Technically, the domain IP of the server on which the website is located is technically necessary Numerically expressed address of the computer in the network. Unlike home and office computers, however, web servers usually have static IP addresses, so the address is not changed with each dial-up. This does not mean, however, that the domain IP never changes! Changes to the domain IP can occur, for example, if the internet service provider is changed or a website moves from another reason to another server and therefore receives a new domain IP.

The domain name service (DNS) performs the link between a domain name (or URL) and domain IP. This service consists of the so-called name servers, which hold the currently assigned IP address for each domain. In the early days of the Internet the file hosts.txt was responsible for the so-called resolution of a domain name into the domain IP; Had changed the domain IP of an Internet presence, it was no longer reachable from the respective computer, until the hosts.txt had updated. Already in the eighties established the Domain Name System, which provided a more efficient solution for this task - it is today one of the central services on the Internet. If you get an error message like "Could not resolve URL", this means that the domain name could not be translated into a domain IP.

The IP of a domain plays a role in this

Knowing your domain IP is, for example, useful if you want to manage or move your domains. Knowing the domain IP is also useful when dealing with foreign domains: For example, if you want to know if a web presence in the shared hosting has the same domain IP as another, which is rather suspect to you. In an extreme case, Domain IP can help you to contact your hosting or Internet service provider if you can not find other solutions to problems that arise from this website. However, in most cases the domain IP does not belong to a web presence alone. In so-called shared hosting, a web server contains several websites, all of which are accessible under the same IP. You can also find the actual server location via the domain IP. This allows you, for example, to make sure that the website is also hosted in Uk, USA

This determines the check of the domain IP

The domain IP check of determines the IPv4 address, the country and the Internet service provider for a given domain. Simply enter the domain you want to find, enter the verification code in the field under "Image Verification" and click "Send".