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To use RemoteSEOtools ( Small SEO tools) free plagiarism tool, copy and paste your text into the tool above. To copy text, highlight the text you want to check, then press Command + C (if you are using a Mac) or CTRL + C (if you are using a PC). Next, click on the tool above and paste the text by pressing Command + V (if you are using a Mac) or CTRL + V (if you are using a PC). Next, click on the "Check For Plagiarism" button to run your writing through the plagiarism tool.

Once the plagiarism checker has completed analyzing your document, it will return your results. The text will be highlighted in red if the device has detected plagiarism in your writing. Beneath the tool, you will find listings of places where an exact match of your writing can be found online. Use this data to cite your sources. When your text returns with no highlight, this means that no plagiarism was detected. You can rest a bit easier knowing that your essay passes our plagiarism scan, that your students have done their work, or that no one is stealing your content from across the web.

Small SEO tools- What Are The Risk of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is one of the essential issues facing writers and bloggers today. Few intellectual crimes are more serious than plagiarism in academic and professional contexts. An accusation of plagiarism can cost you heavily, including loss of integrity, being kicked out of a job and professional reputation.

Plagiarism is the close replication or illegal use of another person or author's ideas and language and their representation as your own unique or original work. Plagiarism is also the practice of implying or claiming the original authorship of another person's creative work, in part or in whole, to be your own without proper acknowledgement.

The development of the Internet, where articles appear as the electronic text, has made the act of copying other people's work easier, while the history of plagiarism in the academic circles is centuries old. You have created an article on your own by simply copying and pasting text from one web page to another.

What Are The Benefits of Plagiarism Checker?

Small SEO tools- The plagiarism checker gives the writers facility to check for plagiarism free. It saves you from embarrassment and enables you to create genuine content. It turns your article into genuine content and helps to get a good ranking in Google. Sharing valuable and unique content on the website will increase traffic to your website. So, avoid plagiarism and create genuine content to be honoured in the public's eyes and grow your business with original content.