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Whois data - who owns the domain?

If you want to know who owns a certain domain, in Germany, you often rely on the imprint obligation, according to Telemediengesetz §5. However, not all German domains and web projects hosted in Germany have affected: purely private projects without winning intentions can be excluded. The contact person named in the imprint does not necessarily have to be the real owner of the domain - for example, if the editorial responsibility is perceived by another person.

Not all webmasters keep the imprint obligation, and if the project is hosted abroad, it looks quite different: the USA knows, e.g., No imprint obligation, which is comparable with the German law.

Whois: Valuable data on a domain

Whois data comes into play. You can tell whether a domain is registered or registered, who is the administrator (Admin-C) of the technical contact (Tech-C). Whois data also reveal when a domain was first registered and when the registration expires. This is how you determine whether a domain has been correctly registered with your details. Or determine whether you have prospects to acquire the domain or whether it is not registered at all. The Good: This information is accessible to you via the Whois data, no matter where the project is hosted.

Whois data may be used for this purpose.

The usage regulations of the responsible domain registration authority set certain limits, for which Whois data may be used. The contact data may, in no case, be used or even stored for advertising purposes; They should only serve the operation of the Internet and be used to clarify legal questions.

The output of the Whois query is not standardized. Depending on the country and domain name registry, different information is output - some are very detailed, some are limited to the nameservers and information on the registration capability. For some exotic or generic top-level domains (for example, a bar for bars and pubs or .aq for domains in the Antarctic), the query does not provide any data via the web interface. Whois data for such domains must be queried via the relevant regional internet registries.