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About XML Sitemap Generator


XML sitemaps are used by search engines only. All popular search engines like Bing, Google and yahoo utilize XML sitemaps in the crawling process. XML sitemaps make it very easy for the user to quickly and conveniently inform the search engines regarding all the pages of website and changes that you make in future. This makes certain that all the pages are indexed properly, particularly for new websites with low organic visibility. XML sitemap is called as XML file in simple words. It will enlist all the pages of a website along with extra metadata for every URL including information like how frequently it changes when it was last updated, how relative is it, how crucial it is to other URL in the site.

It is basically a sitemap which informs search engine that all the listed pages are available for crawling. Web crawlers generally find pages from external links of website and links within the site. This entire data is supplemented by the sitemaps to start crawlers to pick up URLs in a sitemap and get more regarding the URLs by using supplementary metadata. Various sitemap creator tools help you in creating sitemaps without any hassle. Even Bing XML and Google sitemap plug-in are available now. Thus it is good to have some knowledge of sitemap generator before trying to generate sitemaps.

Do you really need a sitemap?

Well, the answer to this question is yes! You do require a sitemap for Google, Yahoo or Bing as it helps you in notifying all the search engines about the crucial pages of your site. This will increase the visibility on Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing and Yandex etc. and makes sure the indexing of all the pages which may not be discovered. It also helps in providing supplementary information regarding the website to the search engines complementing the conventional way of crawling WWW. The entire key search engine use the same XML based protocol. You can easily create a sitemap by using a sitemap generator. XML sitemaps are useful if:

  1. You have a new website
  2. If your website has dynamic content generated by CMS
  3. If the website has numerous pages
  4. If the website contains a sophisticated navigation
  5. When the Google page rank doesn’t match your requirement
  6. If few WebPages are quite deep in page hierarchy, or if they cannot be accessed from the main page
  7. Sitemaps can detect broken links on the website and inform you regarding all dead links and also the pages that are linked to them

How to utilize our XML sitemap generator?

  1. Enter your complete website URL and a few parameters below
  2. Click the start button and wait till the website is fully crawled
  3. You will be taken to the created sitemap details, including broken link list, number of pages, link to sitemap file and XML file content
  4. Download sitemap file using the link and enter it into domain root folder of the site
  5. Go to Google webmaster account and add sitemap URL

This is how you can create XML sitemap using our free XML sitemap generator tool on